Thursday, 7 February 2013

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain #29

I have always had a beady eye on YSL Glossy Stains, I'm not really a lip 
gloss wearing person, due to the fact I don't own any lips, and the comfort 
blanket that is a lip liner and lipstick for a fuller looking lip has always 
appealed to me a little more, but still, the YSL Glossy Stain has always 
been one of those products I've always wanted to try, maybe it's the rave reviews
the Glossy Stain always seems to get. Anyway, being a blogger I was lucky 
enough to have been sent one recently in the shade #29. 

On first impressions I really liked the applicator, It would be wider than your 
average lip gloss doe foot applicator, and has a point to the top to allow 
a more precise application. 

The shade #29 Rose Fourreau, now when I first saw this on the applicator I thought,
"Oh my god, it's Orange" but when applied or even swatched its after a
a few seconds the shade seems to change, from a bright Orange to a
beautiful Red Orange, but not in a Coral way, its a more natural shade.

 I have found there are 3 ways to wear this, 1 coat for a sheer glossy pop of colour,
2 coats for a more opaque and intense look, and I have even worn this
over a nude lipstick so I can benefit from the fuller lip look while
still being able to enjoy the glossyness of the Glossy Stain.

I was really surprised at how long lasting these were, I never expect anything
shiny to have an amazing wear length, but it lasted a good few hours
and when the gloss had waned I was left with a nice stain. I have demonstrated
above how the Glossy Stain fares up against a babywipe, On the left
a normal swatch, on the right this is how it look after 3 rubs
of a babywipe. Amazing no? Perfect lipgloss for long liquid
lunches in a sunny beer garden in Spring.

This shade of Glossy Stain is part of the YSL Spring 2013 and is
available on counters now.

Have you ever tried a YSL Glossy Stain? What is your Favourite shade?



  1. wow, cool gadget. That would an awesome thing to carry in the hand bag.

    1. Yeah, you wouldn't be ashamed to pull this out

  2. so beautiful color!

  3. "I don't own any lips" - sorry I just had to giggle :o)

    I am so into orange right now, I love this colour! How does it look when mixed with your natural lip colour, does it change the shade or is the orange fairly opaque?

    1. Hahaha thats why I hate putting lip pics up on the blog,

      The shade is like a nude orange if that makes sense, its
      certainly not an IN YOUR FACE shade. its more intense the more
      coats you apply x

    2. Sounds nice :o) Might have to see if I can get it in Oz!

  4. Haha i had to laugh as well! I've been looking at them & wanting them but the only thing stopping me is I can't pick a shade!

    1. When there that price you need to be very careful picking shades

  5. I need to get one of these!! They look amazing!!

    1. They are amazing, really long lasting

  6. These are my favourite lip products ever! The new L'oreal stain glosses are identical as well. x


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