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31 Pounds Lighter (So Far) and How I did it

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Sooooo, I have been on the missing list since March, but I am easing myself back into blogging with a quick weightloss update post. Let me start off by telling you why I decided to lose weight and what eventually spurred me on and kept me on track. Last November our little family (that's actually quite big) was dealt a blow, I won't go into details but since then it seems life put on a pair of boxing gloves is punching me in the face repeatedly, one thing after the other going wrong, I felt like I had no control over my life and my self esteem hit an all time low. I'm not yet prepared to make public how much I weighed at my heaviest but it reached sky high, and I thought "Fuck it, losing weight may be the only thing I can control in my life" so I gave it a go. 

Giving Up Sugar 

Last February I started off by cutting sugar from my diet, not completely though, I still indulge on my cheat day which is normally at the weekend.Giving up sugar and carbs is the easiest way for me to control my diet. I find if I eat carbs or anything like that early in the day then I spend the rest of the day STARVING, UNFILLABLE and CRAVING all the bad things. It was hard at first but I soon got used to clean eating. 

What I Do Eat

I am often asked If I don't eat bread, or potatoes, rice or pasta, then what is it that I do eat. Well, I eat a lot of protein and healthy fats and I really go to town on the veg and salad. I eat a very small amount of fruit as I find the sugar in fruits sometimes inhibits my weight loss, I had to do some experimenting with fruit and I found berries every now and again didn't do any harm. 


At the start I didn't really go overboard with the exercise, If you follow me on Instagram (Not_Just_Inside) you'll see I love walking along the coast, I measured it to be 5k long and I would go 2 or 3 times a week. Now on top of that I have joined a gym. I really love it and I find it quite addictive. I normally do around 45 mins cardio and I'm getting to grips with free weights as well as weight machines. Overall I am way more active and go out regularly with the kids playing and exploring, before I would rarely leave my house and if I did I would hide in my car at the school gates. 

What Now? 

Well I reckon I will be writing a bit more about my weight loss journey, I hope to go a bit more in depth, sharing recipes and other discovery's that have been working for me. I still have a lot of weight to lose and I am hoping the blog will keep me on track. 

That's it for now. 
Stay tuned for further updates. 
as well as beauty and 
lifestyle news. 


  1. Well done Donna! You're doing amazing! I decided I needed to lose weight more or less for the same reasons as yourself. Would love to read more about your weight loss journey. Keep going! :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. Great post, I'll be watching out for more tips. Lovely to see you back xx

  3. Great post, would love to hear more about your weight-loss journey. I'm trying to loose weight at the moment as well, I've lost 21 pounds and am now at a standstill which can be super frustrating! Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.

    1. It can be very frustrating when you come to a halt. Try and look at other progresses you have maybe made- your strength, fitness, inch loss. Reasses your goals and tailor your efforts to suit xxx Claire.

    2. I was in your position I lost 22 pounds in 3 months and I wanted to make it to 30, I went on vacation for 2 weeks not really caring what I ate as much, didn't do much excercise albeit walking, when I came back and went to the scale I was shocked to see I lost about 5 pounds!! I was shocked but I believe I reached a plateau :D I say stop what your doing for about a week then return to healthy eating and excercise, you should lose some weight! Hopefully you find this beneficial. I have more on my blog if your interested?


  4. Fantastic achievement! Do you use quinoa?
    Your so right about the carbs thing in the morning. I love my carbs so I try and eat as healthy as I can during the day and then have that bit of toast or whatever! The main thing is that you don't feel that your starving yourself, I have done countless of those diets where I actually feel like I'm starving myself. It always back fires and I end up on a two week food binge or something!

    Keep sharing your story!


  5. Great to see you blogging again. Getting fit can be the biggest self esteem booster and you've done so well thus far. You should be so proud of yourself. The hardest battle when it comes to this kind of thing is in the kitchen and you're winning -claire xxxxx

    1. It really is the biggest self esteem booster! AGREE!

  6. That's awesome! Congrats, keep on doing what you're doing!


  7. well done Donna, and great to read you again! Xx

  8. CONGRATULATIONS Donna! This is a fantastic achievement :) So proud of you :D I lost 22 pounds in 3 months and I completely agree with everything you mentioned. I shared my weight loss story on my blog from what exercises I did to what I drank!



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